Meet the Team

We’d like you to meet the team here at Johnston Grocke — our experts in financial, business, mortgage and investment property services.

Our firm is only as good as the team that represents it. At Johnston Grocke, we have a team full of people who are not only good at what they do, but are good at working together to provide multiple services to clients, while at the same time making sure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. We continue to aspire to be a thriving, innovative and enjoyable workplace — which results in quality service to clients as well as happy and motivated staff.


The Johnston Grocke team is exactly that — a team.  Every member of the team has a critical role in ensuring the client experience is first class, and we recognise that we need diverse yet complementary skill sets (and characters) to function best. We therefore don’t want 25 ‘John Grocke clones’ in the office. One is definitely enough! 

We asked our team to work together and come up with a phrase that describes their approach to their work. This is it — ‘Our united team enjoys pursuing excellence in all our interactions, through genuine care and with professional expertise, so that clients can meet or exceed their goals.’ And we didn’t even prompt them!

Financial Services Team

Financial advisors, para planners and client service staff all work together to ensure that not only do you get the right advice, but that all the i’s are dotted and all the t’s are crossed.


Meet John Grocke our Director/Financial Adviser


Authorised Representative of Paragem Pty Ltd ABN 16 108 571 875 (Australian Financial Services License 297276) 

Director Lutheran Laypeoples League

Trustee Chair Lutheran Super



His dream …


John’s main dream in life is to leave Johnston Grocke, a business he started over 20years ago, in good shape. John loves to travel. He aims to be able to afford to have many choices when he chooses to retire (which is not anytime soon).

Passion & something fun

John is the definition of a fitness freak. His major passion is to keep fit, which he does, by attending 6am bootcamps, going on runs, and by keeping to a strict diet (with the occasional chocolate here and there). He also enjoys socialising and going out with friends. Between entertaining clients and spending time with his family and friends, John also enjoys watching/binging a good tv series.

What our clients value in him

John loves to help his clients achieve their goals, no matter how crazy that they may be. No matter which one of John’s clients you ask, they all value the same things; his attention to detail, the empathy he shows, and that the advice that he provides them is always honest and shows great integrity.





















Meet Anthony Klatt our Director/Financial Adviser


Authorised Representative of Paragem Pty Ltd ABN 16 108 571 875(Australian Financial Services License 297276) 

Trustee Director- Lutheran Super

Chairperson Cornerstone College Finance Council

Chairperson All Game Club of South Australia

Junior Development Office – Hill Tennis Association

Registered Poultry Judge


Anthony has significant experience helping clients with their financial plans, wealth management, superannuation and retirement plans. 

He genuinely enjoys the ability to sit down and listen to clients’ stories, be it what’s happening with their family, or where their recent holiday was to.  Knowing that his ongoing advice gives them peace of mind is the highlight of his work.

For Anthony, ‘Freedom to Choose’ means having the flexibility both financially and time-wise to spend time with family and travel. This includes being a taxi service to his children, playing tennis, and believe it or not, judging and exhibiting poultry (hence the nickname ‘Chicken Man’).


Meet Mathew Wilkshire our Financial Adviser

Dip FP/BSc

Authorised Representative of Paragem Pty Ltd ABN 16 108 571 875 (Australian Financial Services License 297276)


Winner of a prestigious Rising Star of the Year Award for SA/NT in 2009, Mathew has shaken the tag of ‘the next Don Bradman’ and now provides financial planning, wealth management, superannuation and retirement advice to a growing list of clients. 

He’s often accused of being ‘too nice’, so we tried to bring a ruthless streak into Mathew’s personality. We failed. So if you’re seeking value for money, together with help in seeing the big picture, this is definitely the guy.

When not providing this outstanding service, Mathew loves spending time with family, golf, cooking (whilst enjoying a cold beer or nice red) and listening to music.


Client Services Team

The client service team ‘get it all done’ and can field and deal with any queries from clients. They also have the unenviable task of liaising, on your behalf, with the bureaucracies and inconsistent systems of financial institutions across the country and overseas. They all deserve medals.


Meet Debra Gavin our Client Service Manager

Dip FP/Implementation/Client Service

Her dream …


Deb’s dream is coming up in the next few months when she gets to marry her partner Dan!  Planning a wedding is such a daunting task so she is looking forward to it all coming together and celebrating with their families and friends.  

Passion & something fun

Her passion is her niece and nephew. They are a huge part of her life. They spend lots of time together and they are heaps of fun. They do a myriad of things together; zoos, parties, the show etc. She loves being an Aunty as it is fulfilling and rewarding.  Her niece is especially excited about them having a pool and has already picked out her new room!

However, Deb doesn’t let people in in traffic and doesn’t eat bananas with any brown spots on them!

What our clients value in him

Deb has been with Johnston Grocke for 17 years so the value she gives clients is her knowledge and familiarity. She knows most of our clients personally. With 17 years’ experience in the industry, she is able to mentor junior members in her team in the world of financial planning. 




















Meet Prema Paramasivam our Client Service Officer

B.Com/Advance Dip FP/Teaching/Banking/

Work experience in Malaysia & Melbourne/Language Skills: English, Malay & Tamil.


Her dream …

Prema's dream is to travel around Australia and then the World with her sisters. 


Passion & something fun

Prema is passionate about her garden and her coffee machine. She enjoys cooking, listening to music and dining with family and friends. She loves having breakfast by the beach and is always ready to try out new restaurants.

Whenever an opportunity arises she is out helping at various community functions. SHe is also crazy about all new gadgets and apps.

She loves watching soccer and footy games - favourite teams, Socceroos, Adelaide United and the (mighty) Adelaide Crows.


What our clients value in her

Prema’s perseverance with Centrelink on their matters. Prema is our go-to when it comes to Centrelink. 















Meet Lisa Redmon our Client Service Officer 

Dip FP/B.Int Business, Finance & Trade/ B.Bus(Bon)/Dip Applied Eco/ Dip FP/

Cert IV Acc 

Her dream…

Lisa's dream is to have all her family in one place.  Lisa moved to Australia from Kansas City (USA) in 2000 to help take care of her Nanna.  All her siblings, nieces and nephews still live in the U.S. She tries to go back every couple of years, but feels she never has enough time with her family.  Her dream would be to have her family move or come have an extended stay in Adelaide.

Passion & something fun

Lisa loves being active especially in the outdoors.  She likes to participate in fun runs and open water swims, going for a casual bike ride and searching for wildlife while on a hike.  Lisa is passionate about giving back to society and loves that she can reach more people by heading up the Community Committee here at Johnston Grocke.  She loves to catch up with friends for a glass of wine but also enjoys her alone time curling up with her cat and a good book.

What our clients value in her

Lisa has a cheery disposition at work, even at 8:30 Monday Mornings, and clients like that she is always happy to speak with them and go the extra mile to make sure that life is as simple as possible for them and that they are happy.  


Paraplanner Team

Para planners are the engine room of the financial planning division, helping financial advisors prepare financial plans for clients and making sure the advice given is accurate and appropriate. 


Meet Kathy Hope our Paraplanner/Client Service Officer

MBA/B.Bus/FP maj/ Paraplanning/ Mast. FP

Strategy/Research/Problem Solving


Her dream …

Kathy's dream is to live on a property in the Adelaide Hills with her horse and her dogs. The place would probably turn into a modern day version of Old MacDonald’s’ Farm..

Kathy is currently studying a Graduate Certificate in Self-Managed Super Funds and has recently completed her Master’s in Financial Planning so she is keen to progress her career in the Financial Services industry.


Passion & something fun

Horses | Dogs | Reading | Learning |

She loves taking her dogs for walks in Kuitpo Forest, the kangaroos are so beautiful!

Kathy’s horse Socks is spoilt rotten and even though he is retired, considers himself the King of the stables. Kathy thinks the “Drama Queen” is a more appropriate title for him.


What our clients value in her

A lot of what Kathy does is behind the scenes, our clients appreciate her attention to detail and problem-solving skills.














Meet Sheree Jiminez our Paraplanner


As an experienced paraplanner, Sheree loves doing all the behind the scenes review and preparation of financial strategies, projections and research that is so critical when we help clients plan their financial future and achieve their goals, especially as they approach retirement.  Paraplanners are a unique breed, mostly known for their attention to detail and focus – Sheree is no exception! 

One reason Sheree can focus so well when at work is that she faces 3 sons at home, two of which aren’t yet at school age.  That alone would make anyone more relaxed and focussed once they get to work.  She loves her boys though of course, and family time is important to Sheree, unless it interrupts her Home and Away addiction on week nights.  She obviously didn’t disclose that passion on her CV, but we’ve tolerated it, and like any employees with issues will try to help wean her off it in years to come.  


Meet Melissa Tonellato our Paraplanner

B. Buss&Finance/Dip FP

Creator of Photobooks/Pantry Organiser

Her dream … Life gets so busy and the saying ‘time flies’ means we haven’t spent enough quality time with family and friends. So my dream is to slow down time by cutting out some of that ‘busy’ stuff and taking up painting or photography, learn the names of all the birds that fly through my garden, collect shells and make weird craft things with them! I’m thinking of adopting a dog too . . . . .



Passion & something fun My passion are my kids and making everlasting memories with them.  Then I get my organised self on and spend hours creating photo books of our holidays and crazy fun times together! 


What our clients value in her I am a ‘behind the scene’ person who will ensure clients are given the advice they need, creating good foundations to build their financial life on.



Business Services Team

We prefer to call ourselves the Business Services Team as accounting is just part of what we do.

From business valuations to succession planning to risk management to marketing strategies, is there anything we can’t do?

But most importantly we try to make sure that the person who works with you is on the same page as you to help you achieve your goals – after all systems are one thing but people is really where its at.



Andrew Brown - Director


Justice of the Peace/ Chartered Tax Advisor/ Registered SMSF Auditor/ Board Member of several NGOs/ Hard driving rythym guitar/

Fees and Advisory Service Guide

His dream …

Andy's dream is  to travel to more historic sites and natural world wonders. With ancestors based in Europe, he is keen to know more about their history.

Passion & something fun

Family (naturally), live rock music, conservation and natural heritage. He is currently fascinated with Ancestry at the moment.

What our clients value in him

When you trust someone they need to have Character and Competence and Andrew has these in droves. Acting with intent and integrity is really importance to him so much so that clients understand he “has their back” in those tough times, which sometimes are not just financial problems.



















Nicky Sheerin – Senior Accountant


Nicky is a country girl at heart, loving her animals, children and partner – maybe in that order.

While completing her degree Nicky is our main person to facilitate SMSF reporting.

With over 20 years’ experience her results for clients sometimes appear simple when indeed they have been extremely complex to produce – Often too modest to promote herself, Nicky has been awarded community medals for her CFS work in the Victorian bushfires.

Never underestimate a country girl!


Meet Shilo Dulvarie our Accountant  

BA(ACC)/ Cert. Xero Adviser/  


Her dream …

Shilo's dream is to provide for her children’s future so they can grow up to be the best people that they can be whilst experiencing all the opportunities that they dream of themselves.

Passion & something fun

Her family – Whilst not at work, Shilo enjoys spending quality time with her immediate and extended family. However, she also enjoys time alone (on the rare occasions that she can get it!) listening to Metallica, reading Stephen King, and appreciating a glass (or two) of wine.

What our clients value in her

Shilo has been with Johnston Grocke for 11 years (and counting). She has built up many relationships with our clients over these years and her commitment and expertise (especially with Xero) is something that they truly value. 





















Jelena Grcic - Accountant 

B.Comm., CA   


Jelena is a classic Chartered Accountant.  That is, a person who genuinely enjoys applying her knowledge and skills to prepare financial statements and tax returns for clients.  Think about it – how many people do you really know like this?  The breadth of our client’s industries is something she enjoys, as well as tennis and swimming.

Jelena is a great migration story, coming to Australia 16 years ago, learning English in which she is now fluent, and obtaining her CA.  Her greatest skill however, is the ability to work hard for a full day without anyone realising she is here – possibly the quietest JG team member, which balances out a couple others at the other end of the spectrum!  A good team needs all types……  


Meet Neil Pitt our Accountant

B/Comm (Accounting)

Accounting/Tax/Xero Certified Adviser/Bookkeeping/ Bookkeeping Software Implementation/ Technology


His dream …

To go on a world holiday for 6 months with his wife, including travelling around Europe,  going on a train ride through the Rocky Mountains in Canada and going on a cruise ship.


Passion & something fun

Neil enjoys travelling, especially overseas. He has been to Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany and Italy (just to name a few places). He recently came back from a holiday in Europe and would like to go back one day and add to his list of countries he has visited.

Neil is also interested in technology and computers. He is the go to person in the office for anyone who needs help with their computer or general technology advice.


What our clients value in him

Neil enjoys the challenge and problem solving involved in accounting work which drives him to ensure the best result for clients. He has many years’ experience following completion of his Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) at UniSA, and his client service approach fits our ethos of being correct but also practical in advice and interpretation for clients.



Mortgage and Finance Team

The fastest-growing team at Johnston Grocke takes the pain of dealing directly with banks away from you, the client, and excels at keeping complicated things simple.



Adam Grocke – Mortgage and Finance Advisor

Dip Financial Services, Cert IV Mortgage Services, AMC

Finance and Gearing lecturer at Tafe SA

Finalist Australia's top 30 Brokers under 30 in 2013, Winner of the prestigious 2011 SA/NT business of the year, 2011year on year business growth, Platinum achiever 2010-2014, Rookie of the Year Award 2008/09

As leader of the Mortgage and Finance Services division, investment property consultant and business development manager for the firm, Adam excels at juggling his time, especially when one considers his significant football commitment with Woodville West Torrens where he has won 2 premierships and played in excess of 200 SANFL games.

His passion for helping clients find the best finance solutions, and buy their next home or investment property is only matched by his passion for surfing and living out of his campervan by the beach.

Adam sets a great example with his approach to both physical and financial health and fitness. He is also the only male in the office who keeps a make-up kit on hand — supposedly for his occasional modelling assignments, but we’re not convinced that’s the whole story…




Matthew Bodger – Mortgage and Finance Advisor 

Matthew deals directly with clients and the banks during the loan submission process until settlement. His detailed knowledge of each lender’s system ensures the applications are approved and settled in a timely manner and clients are updated throughout the process.

He loves providing clients with the ‘happy news’ — the phone call to let them know their finance is approved always brings a smile to their face and his.

Another lover of cars (with a special passion for old Volkswagens), he is a real dark horse when it comes to comic talent and intelligent humour, to the point where he was awarded 3rd place in the internal office poll for the biggest character in the office. A terribly overgrown beard helped him in this poll, but thankfully that has been removed as part of a successful charity fundraiser.


Riannon Diano - Client Service Officer Mortgage Services


Generation Y get a bad rap on occasions, but they have many good characteristics and Riannon fits the stereotype very well - her favourite quote is even by one of the modern worlds most renowned ‘lyricist’, Beyonce (true).  Family oriented, ambitious, a team player, and someone who loves to be loved are just some of these Gen Y attributes shared by Riannon.  One major difference though is ‘communication’ – forget the stereotype of Gen Y only wanting to text, message or email – Riannon loves to CHAT!.  This is fine by us as in her role of Business Development Officer, Riannon spends a lot of time talking to clients, understanding their needs and helping to point them in the right direction in order to receive the most appropriate services.   

When she’s not chatting, Riannon loves travelling, especially overseas, cooking and the beach. 


Yvonne Wrankmore - Client Service Officer Mortgage Services 




Investment Property Services Team 

Think of this team as a conduit for all things associated with investing in property – whether investing off the plan, through a house and land package, developing your own land or managing an existing investment property.  They have the all-round knowledge, and the contacts, to make the process easy.


Adam Grocke – Investment Property Consultant

Cert IV Mortgage Services, AMC

Finance and Gearing lecturer at Tafe SA

Winner of the prestigious SA/NT Rookie of the Year Award 2008/09

As leader of the Mortgage and Finance Services division, investment property consultant and business development manager for the firm, Adam excels at juggling his time, especially when one considers his significant football commitment with Woodville West Torrens where he has won 2 premierships and played in excess of 200 SANFL games.

His passion for helping clients find the best finance solutions, and buy their next home or investment property is only matched by his passion for surfing and living out of his campervan by the beach.

Adam sets a great example with his approach to both physical and financial health and fitness. He is also the only male in the office who keeps a make-up kit on hand — supposedly for his occasional modelling assignments, but we’re not convinced that’s the whole story…


Simon Rodger – Investment Property Consultant

B. Economics (Commerce), CA

Commissioner, SANFL

Chairman, Lutheran Community Care

Vice Chairman, Adelaide Lutheran Sports Club


With a diverse range of professional experiences both in and outside of the finance and property industry, Simon brings a strategic and commercial focus to the business, together with a passion for outstanding client service. Simon is a firm believer in the value of having a professionally run firm that can help clients save time and money by providing multiple services from the one place. 

With additional responsibilities outside of the firm, especially with South Australian football and the community services sector, Simon is often accused of taking on too much. He knows he is guilty of this, refuses to admit it, but acknowledges that even though a day off doing nothing sounds magnificent, in reality, he would get bored.

Although Adam Grocke’s feminine side is well noted, Simon’s experience living with a wife, 3 daughters, a female dog, and 2 chickens (obviously female) has given him significant insight into the female psyche, fashions and behaviour. He also knows when to express these insights, and definitely knows when not to. 

Management and Administration Team

The ‘back office’ of Johnston Grocke is more than a typical back office.  The strategic direction, business development, marketing, commercial partnerships, human resources and systems/technology are all generated from here. It’s a small team but a good team!  


Meet Simon Rodger our Chief Executive Officer

B. Economics (Commerce)/CA

Commissioner,SANFL/ Chairman, Lutheran Community Care/ Vice Chairman, Adelaide Lutheran Sports Club/



His dream …

Simon's dream is to to find a way to live more in the moment. He wishes to be busy without being too busy; and most importantly, he wishes to survive the teenage years of his three daughters..

Passion & something fun

Simon loves sports. His favourites consist of Australian Rules Football, Cricket, Horse Racing and Soccer.

Simon also has an interest in family genealogy as well as more recent history (including the family holidays that always seem more fun when looking back at the videos).

What our clients value in him

Clients appreciate Simon’s breadth of knowledge across the whole spectrum of JG Services, and his ability to relate to each client’s unique needs 














Meet Sue Raw our GM Corporate Services

BA/B.Comm/ Financial Accounting/

Management Accounting/Auditing/Project Management/ Process Improvement/Human Resource Management/Time Management/Multi-Taking/


Her dream …

Sue's dream is to be able totravel more. She would like to live in the South of France for a few months and then travel from there to other locations in France. She would also love to travel to America with her husband and three boys before the boys leave home. New Zealand is also on the list.

Passion & something fun

Her family, getting out and about, fitness, music, shopping, reading and various television shows.

What our clients value in her

Sue works with her team behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly for our clients and our staff. Her aim is to ensure we are the best we can possibly be internally so that our team are happy and our clients have a great experience when dealing with us.












Meet Adam Grocke our GM Business Development & Advice

Dip. FS/ Cert IV Mortgage Services/

Finance and Gearing lecturer at Tafe SA/Winner of the prestigious SA/NT Rookie of the Year Award 2008-09/Going out for coffee & lunches/Certified Prankster/

His dream …

Adam wishes to be able to look back iwhen he is older and think ‘what a life!’ He aims to achieve this through big bold challenges (personal & business) and creating the perfect balance of living life to the fullest without compromising his family’s security, happiness and future.


Passion & something fun

Adam loves anything to do with the outdoors. If he isn’t down Middleton with his family, you can find him hitting up the surf around the south and mid coasts of SA with the occasional trip to York Peninsular- "There’s no better way to refresh the mind, body and soul." Health and fitness have played a massive part in Adam’s life having been drafted to Port Power and playing almost 200 SANFL games with the Eagles. Now rocking the Dad bod, he still manages to run the occasional ultra-marathon (that is, when he isn’t taking clients out to coffee or lunch).


His first child (a 1971 Datsun 1600 SR20DET) arrived in late 2014 and he is now a father to two beautiful girls Marlow & Paris.


What our clients value in him

His honest and energetic approach to problem solving, forward planning and achieving goals is what brings the best out of the clients.

















Meet Luke White our GM Client Engagement 





Meet Chris Giameos our Finance Administrator

B.A. Acc/

Treasurer of local sports club/ Language Skills: English & Greek/


Her dream …

Chris wishes to travel widely and explore the many wonderful countries and cultures our world has to offer. Having recently returned from a family holiday to Europe, where connections were made with her parents’ birthplace that they left over 60 years ago, Chris has now caught the travelling bug..badly!

Passion & something fun

When Chris isn't running her 3 daughters around to various musicals/concerts/rhythmic gymnastics competitions her children participate in, she loves lazy afternoons where she can catch up with friends and spend time with her family. Spending a few days by the beach is one of her favourite ways to rest and recharge. 

Secretly, would love to be able to sing!

What our clients value in her

Chris works in the financial administration of the firm and even though part of her role is asking for overdue bills to be paid, she tries to do this as nicely as possible.













Meet Robyn Cother our Finance Officer


Robyn is yet another JG team member who spends her time helping behind the scenes in our Office Admin Team dealing with the mountain of electronic and physical paperwork for clients. It’s just as well she enjoys being busy and being accurate.  Robyn’s diverse background in regional financial institutions and other industries certainly helps as well.  When she gets home the term ‘busy’ takes on a whole new dimension though – with two young boys who grew up on their South East farm and love their sport, Robyn is forever feeding them and ferrying them around.


Meet Stephanie Palombi our Marketing & Communications Coordinator/COA

B.Laws/ Cert III Hospitality (Croupier)/

Professional Netflix Binger/Burger Enthusiast/ Can change a lightbulb, cannot change a tire/


Her dream …

Is to continue to travel. Stephanie has recently come back from spending some time overseas and fell in love with the different cultures (especially the food). She wishes to continue to travel and experience many more different cultures and see what else is out there.

Passion & something fun

Food. Stephanie loves her food, especially burgers. She has been to (basically) every burger joint you can find within Adelaide. She also has a strong passion for coffee (that must be the Italian in her) and her puppy that she definitely treats like her own child. Stephanie also loves to socialise, so you will always see her spending her weekends out of the house with friends, most likely at a bar or down the river learning a new water sport.

What our clients value in her

Stephanie aims to provide our clients with a top-quality service, whilst also making them feel right at home- which she masters.

She is always on her feet usually chasing after people with a coffee in her hand and the phone to her ear.



Meet Alexandria Earl our Corporate Office Administrator

B.Bus (Hotel Management)/Dip. Hospitality management/

Worked in the UK for 6 years



Her dream …

Alex wishes what every parent wishes... to get more than 5 hours sleep a night and experience a sleep in!

She also wishes to travel and to enjoy all life has to offer with her husband and her young boy.

Passion & something fun

Alex's passion is her family and she adore spending time with my son and nephews. She love making children’s birthday cakes and to date has made a snake, train, moon, ghost, bat cave, digger, pirate ship, unicorn and a giraffe!

When she isn't busy cake-making, she loves to binge  a crime drama with a glass of wine in hand.  She strives to never waste a day and make every day count!


What our clients value in her

Alex is the first person you see when you walk into Johnston Grocke. She aims to make our clients feel welcome and provides them with top-quality service. No matter if you speak to Alex on the phone or at reception, she is always happy and has a smile on her face.




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